AcornThe Bookmark Manager for Professionals & Teams

In other words, the Superhuman of Bookmark Managers

Your current bookmarking strategy bums you out...

You save things in Pocket, Notion, Instapaper, Chrome, etc. but never see them again

Your bookmark manager does nothing to help resurface things you've saved — so it becomes a graveyard...

You bookmark things to do something with it. Some are like a todo list — read this or watch that. Maybe you want to buy that new pair of shoes before the sale ends. Or be reminded to read that blog post on Monday. Other times you want to save a tool you don't currently need but know you will.

You're currently using a mashup of various tools, but it's a bit of a mess...

  • You tried hoarding tabs, but it's too stressful and inefficient to keep track of everything
  • You tried bookmarks in the browser, but you're terrible at organizing them
  • You tried Raindrop. At first it seems nice, but nothing quite works right!
  • You tried Evernote, but you really just hate it…
  • You tried Toby because everyone said it would change your life. It didn’t.
  • You tried Instapaper, but tags — WHERE ARE THE TAGS?
  • You tried Pinboard, but what?! No standard apps or extensions?
  • You tried Pocket, but it’s a growing mountain of anxiety!

I couldn't find what I wanted, so I'm building it!

It's time for a bookmarks manager with the perfect balance of helping you remember things and then getting out of the way. That gives you total control and power to organize however you wish. A bookmark organizer CANNOT be a one-size-fits-all solution.

So, I’m doing the crazy thing and building a brand new one from scratch…

Acorn will nail the following...

1. Customer Support

This is #1 because it’s #1. ‘Nuff said!

2. Reminding

We’ll make it easy to resurface saved content in various ways. Like set reminders or snoozes on individual bookmarks. Or each day we can show a random list of bookmarks you haven't visited in awhile.

You save something because you want to do something with it, not forget about it!

3. Saving

It must be EASY to bookmark things — maybe even a little bit fun

  • All-in-one solution for read later, watch later, or save for later
  • Cross platform — syncs to every device
  • Save anything from anywhere
  • Custom content such as notes and images
  • Archive web pages so you can still access them long after they've gone to website heaven

4. Searching

Search must be easy, fast, and most of all ACCURATE

  • Actually give the results you expect
  • Powerful advanced search and filter features
  • Full text search for archived pages

5. Organizing

Sometimes good search capability makes up for poor organization, but there’s often a type of content you DO want to organize, like read later or to-do items.

In Acorn, everything is a tag. But what about FOLDERS? Easy peasy — you can display tags as folders, and they'll work like you expect. EXCEPT a bookmark can live in two folders at the same time. Sweeeet.

  • Treat certain folders or tags as TO-DOs by adding them to the dashboard as a list. And yes, you can reorder them as you wish.
  • Smart collections based on advanced search and filters
  • Nested tags and nested folders

6. Customizing

You have your own opinion on how a bookmark organizer should look and function, and Acorn TOTALLY gets that. You can customize everything.

  • Just want a big search box like Google? Got it.
  • Want a dashboard view with lists and reminders? Got it.
  • Override any default
  • Open-source core

7. Performance

It’s 2019 — there’s no excuse for slow software. GO FAST or GO HOME!

  • Just the right amount of user interface
  • No CPU hogging animations

8. Importing

Bring your existing bookmarks from anywhere — they'll instantly feel at home in Acorn

  • One click import where possible (instead of downloading some unwieldy html file)
  • Preserve existing organization (for tags AND folders)
  • Powerful tools for cleaning and reorganizing imported bookmarks

9. Extending

Third party plugins to add brand new functionality. For example, get notified about price changes on bookmarked ecommerce pages.

  • IFTTT/Zapier support
  • Create bookmarks from RSS feeds or YouTube channels

10. Longevity

I plan for Acorn to run until the end of the internet. I know many of you have been burned by sites like Delicious.

Acorn will be open-source from the start to ensure that if anything happens, someone else can take over and run it without me.

Granted, Acorn won’t nail each of these right out of the gate. But I’ll be working super hard to nail every single one. If Acorn fails at any of these, ACORN IS A FAILURE.

Why should you trust me?

I’m an experienced entrepreneur, senior full-stack developer, designer, pilot, and last but not least, a husband. I know how to plan, execute, and respond to unexpected changes.

This isn’t my first rodeo. My other products include Storeo for Instagram and The Gluten Project. I know how to provide amazing customer support. I know how to deliver good user experiences. You can be sure I’m going to give Acorn everything I got!

Acorn is my next big venture. It’s not a hobby, and I don’t take it lightly (but I will have fun — you will too!)

Brandon Bayer

Your bookmark warrior,
Brandon Bayer

P.S. If you use Twitter, you'll love this free extension I made to search your bookmarked tweets